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What makes the Montenegro real estate market unique?

Montenegro boasts a diverse real estate market with a mix of historical properties, coastal homes, and modern developments. Its growing tourism, membership in NATO, and potential EU accession make it an attractive location for both residential and investment purposes.

Yes, foreigners can purchase property in Montenegro with very few restrictions. The buying process is straightforward, and non-residents have the same property rights as Montenegrin citizens.

Commission rates can vary, but they typically range from 3% to 15% of the property’s selling price. It’s always advisable to discuss and agree upon the commission rate with your agent upfront.

The duration can vary depending on the property and any complications that might arise, but on average, the process from selecting a property to finalizing the purchase can take between 4 to 6 weeks.

Yes, there are tax implications. When selling, you may be subject to capital gains tax. If you’re renting out your property, you’ll need to declare your rental income and may be liable for income tax. However, tax rates and regulations can change, so it’s always recommended to consult with a local tax advisor or legal expert.



Absolutely! Montenegro’s tourism sector has been on a steady rise, making it a hotspot for real estate investments, especially in coastal areas like Budva and Kotor. The government has also implemented policies to encourage foreign investments, making it a safe and promising destination for property investors.

While it’s technically possible to handle the process yourself, it’s strongly recommended to work with a local real estate agent. They’ll have a deeper understanding of the local market, legal procedures, and can help navigate any potential challenges. An experienced agent can also assist in negotiations, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.



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